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We have the honor and privilege of working with some of the most talented artists in the world. These hand selected craftsmen have perfected their designs and products so we here at Surprise Box can bring you the very best. When you buy a Surprise Box, you are investing in small businesses across the country and encouraging entrepreneurs to keep making magic. You are also receiving one-of-a-kind creations that are breathed into life by our very own. Come back often to meet new Surprise Designers as we feature their talent, creativity and passion.

Jennifer Zamudio from Dot & Army

Surprise Box Product: Hand Sewn Hankies and Pocket Squares in an Array of Colors and Patterns

 Surprise Box | flower plate |

How did you get your start at Dot & Army?

I have always been an entrepreneur. When I was little, I would have lemonade stands and bake sales, then I started my a landscaping company when I was 12 (I pulled weeds) to earn money for a trip to Japan. In high school I made backpacks that I would sell to a local vintage shop and sold bags of homemade chocolate chip cookies to my classmates.  After college I started a girls’ dress line where I made dresses from vintage tablecloths and muumuus. This led to where we are now. Our cloth napkin business began as a decision to stop using paper towels and paper napkins, combined with my love of fabric and sewing.

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What makes Dot and Army unique and where does your name come from?

We truly are a family business. I taught my husband and father to use a serger, and they do most of the napkin sewing now. My mother just recently left her job to come work for us, as well. My two boys are the cleaning crew, as well as hole punch our hang tags, and stamp the bags. Our name comes from my maternal grandparents, Dot and Army. They are a huge inspiration to me and all of who know them. They are kind and generous, funny and resourceful.



Do you have a funny story you can share about your job? 

One time we did a custom napkin order for a wedding in LA. The bride’s mother decided they were not the right fit for her design, so I told her she could ship them back for a full refund. When we received them, there was a note in the box from Surprise Box | Dot & Army pegboard | surprisebox.giftsthe father of the bride, pretty much saying he doesn’t understand anything that is going on, and that he is pretty sure cloth napkins will not make a difference whether or not his daughter’s marriage will last. You could tell he was just flabbergasted by the entire ordeal of the wedding. I have kept his note taped to the wall. Don’t take it all too seriously.

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