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We have the honor and privilege of working with some of the most talented artists in the world. These hand selected craftsmen have perfected their designs and products so we here at Surprise Box can bring you the very best. When you buy a Surprise Box, you are investing in small businesses across the country and encouraging entrepreneurs to keep making magic. You are also receiving one-of-a-kind creations that are breathed into life by our very own. Come back often to meet new Surprise Designers as we feature their talent, creativity and passion.

Holly Rutt from The Little Flower Soap Co. 

Surprise Box Product: All natural lip balms, all natural body soaps, all natural bath soaks

How did you get your start at The Little Flower Soap Co.?

Our first batch of soap was as wedding favors at our own wedding! After that we started selling at local craft shows and eventually opened an Etsy shop which attracted the interest of Martha Stewart American Made in 2014 and the Anthropologie Beauty Bar in 2015!!

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What makes The Little Flower Soap Co. unique and where does your name come from?

I think what makes us unique is attention to every detail (almost to the point of being OCD) Besides wanting great recipes that really work and smell amazing we care deeply about pretty packing being beautiful.

Do you have a funny story or instance that has happened since starting The Little Flower Soap Co.? 

Hm, can’t think of one. lol … I took a Photoshop class at the local community college this semester and when I pulled up my product photos to edit them the girl sitting next to me (previously a stranger) said “hey what a minute” and pulled our lip balm out of her purse 🙂   surprise box designers | the little flower soap co. | | custom gifts | the little flower soap co.