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Choosing the Perfect Gift

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How to Pick the Perfect Present



We’ve all heard the old adage, “it is better to give than to receive.” If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing a loved one’s face light up with joy after he or she receives the perfect gift, then you probably agree! Of course, selecting the perfect gift isn’t always easy.

Where do I shop?

Brick and mortar stores allow us to see and handle the item we’re considering for purchase, but their selection is limited to what’s available on the shelves. Sometimes, that means we have to search several different locations to find what we have in mind. This can be a major hassle, especially during the holidays, when crowds and traffic are at their worst!

More people than ever are using the internet to make purchases.

Online shopping is certainly more convenient than combing the aisles of a store, but it also has its drawbacks. An internet search for a desired item will yield thousands upon thousands of results. How do we know where to begin, or which site is selling quality products versus which site is selling the same manufactured items that can be found in hundreds of other shops on the internet?

How do I choose a gift?

Then, there’s the question of the gift itself. What are we trying to say with our present? Will it please the person who receives it? Will we be able to find a quality item within our budget? (It would be wonderful to be able to give everyone on our shopping list diamond earrings or a suitcase full of cash, but unfortunately, that’s an extravagance that most of us can’t afford!)


What do I get the woman who “has everything?” How can I give the man in my life something that is beautiful, but also masculine? I have five bridesmaids with five drastically different personalities, and I need to get them all the same gift. Help!


It’s no wonder so many people resort to boring, old gift cards! If you’re getting frustrated with your search to find a thoughtful present, don’t get discouraged. Surprise Box has come up with some easy, helpful tips to help you choose the right gift!

First, decide on what you want to say with your gift.

Sometimes, your message will be a simple one, like “Happy Birthday!” or “Thanks for being a part of my special day!” On other occasions, you may want to communicate a little something extra. Perhaps you want to tell Mom or that teacher who’s gone above and beyond for your little ones this year, “Pamper yourself! You deserve it.” A “Just Because” gift could bring an added dose of fun and excitement to your giftee, or it could be intended to help her relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. | you are my sunshine wooden card | custom gifts



It may also help to choose a theme for your gift. Try sending a “Spa Day,” and fill her box with bath salts, scented soap, nail polish, and a pretty floral kimono robe. If you’re in the mood for “Romance,” include a candle in a lovely floral scent (don’t forget the matches!) and a beautiful, hand-crafted card, in which you can tell your sweetheart how much he or she means to you. | wooden card | custom gifts



Next, personalize your gift. What do you know about your recipient? 

Is she crazy about pastel pinks and sunny yellows, or does she decorate her favorite spaces in soothing blues and mellow greens? Coordinating a gift to include items in her favorite shade is sure to add to her joy. | blue ombre glass bottle matches | custom gift
photo by Studio Portmanteau



Is your Dad a dapper dude who would be tickled to receive beard oil and a hand-sewn pocket square, or is he a hands-on man who would appreciate the practicality of a shaving kit or a natural redwood pocket knife?



Surprise Box | Shaving Kit |



Taking the time to personalize gifts for your wedding party can help to make them feel extra special. Just because they’re all receiving matching nail polish doesn’t mean that the rest of the box can’t be unique to their tastes!



Surprise Box | open maids box |



A gal with a sweet tooth will be thrilled by chocolate-flavored lip balm and tiny rainbow kyoto blossom candies that are as eye-catching and beautiful as they are delicious. | kyoto blossoms candies by Sugarfina | custom gifts


If you have a maid who loves to read and write, consider giving her a journal with a beautiful wooden cover, or a literary-inspired matchbox with a design from her favorite novel. | desert garden journal | custom gift



That’s a Wrap! The Final Touch

Many of us have been here before: you’ve finally selected the perfect products, but they look so sad sitting in their gift bag with crumpled tissue paper or rattling around in a cardboard box. (I’ll admit, I’ve even pretended that my husband was responsible for some of my poorly-wrapped packages. Sorry, honey!

A sloppy wrapping job can distract from the thoughtfulness you’ve put into selecting your items. On the other hand, making the effort to wrap your present with care can make even a small gift seem more personal.


Surprise Box | Champagne Candy |


Another common saying about gifting is, “it’s the thought that counts.” When you gift a Surprise Box, your loved one will know that you took the time to think about them. We think that’s pretty special.


We hope these tips were useful, and that you take a moment to browse our selection of gifts! We take great pride in our artisans, and we know you and your lucky recipient will love their unique, one-of-a-kind creations as much as we do.

Are you still not so sure about assembling a gift box on your own? Let one of our professionals customize a box for you! Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll work within your budget to create a gift that’s perfect, or pick one of our already curated boxes. Easy peasy!

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What’s a Unique Gift for Father’s Day?

Fact: No Two Dads Are Alike

What kind of dad is your dad? Is he a little like Dan from Roseanne, or maybe a single dad like in Who’s the Boss? Is he part Coach Taylor, part Homer Simpson with a little Phil Dunphy mixed in? Maybe your dad is sort of Herman Munster meets George Jefferson (If so, I’d love to meet him.) Personally, I’d say my dad is one part Michael Bluth, three parts Bob Belcher and two parts each Al Bundy and Carl Winslow. He’s pretty cool.

Point is, there’s a million ways to describe dad just in TV characters. With endless kinds of dads, no two being just alike and of course your particular dad is uniquely unique, the big question is… What do you get him for Father’s Day? Well here it is, the thing to get the guy who’s like no one else: It’s…surprise! Surprise Box.

A Gift That’s Totally Unique

Surprise Box is a gift with literally (literally*) millions of possibilities.

You could go with a shaving kit, a handmade comb, a pocket watch and a couple of cookies.


Or pick a Manly Candle, two cookies, beard oil, and a pocket watch.

How Does It Work?

  1. Start with two box choices: White or Wood.
  2. Pick a card. We’ll handwrite your personalized message inside.   
  3. Now, pick and choose from nearly 40 different really cool gifts to fill the box.
  4. Tell us where to send it.

That’s it! For Father’s Day, your dad has an awesome, totally unique gift and you are officially a great kid.

Gifts You’d Make Yourself—If You Had the Time

These aren’t just any gifts. No mass produced, factory stamped, unimaginative bric-a-brac here. Nope, these are handmade, high-end, produced-with-love kind of gifts. Just like you would make, if you had time to sew a pocket square, laser print a card, hand craft some soap, and pour a candle or two. But I’m guessing you don’t. Good thing our artisan crafters do…

What’s in the Box?

More like, Who’s in the box? Our artisan crafters come from all across the country. Places like Los Angeles, Michigan, Oregon, Georgia and Austin.

A Clean Dad is a Happy Dad

Our soap maker, The Little Flower Soap Co, is run by husband and wife Holly and Justin Rutt out of their Michigan studio. They only use high quality essential oils, botanicals, and minerals. Maybe your dad is a Comfrey Peppermint kind of guy. Or maybe he’d be into Tea Tree Lime.

Candy That’s All Grown Up

Los Angeles sweethearts Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick bring us our tasty and oh so swanky candies from their gourmet candy boutique, Sugarfina, in flavors dad will like… Pale Ale and Cuba Libre candies, I’m looking at you.

Give Him a Light

Jessica at Portmanteau Studio makes her one-of-a-kind matchbox creations out of her home studio in Oregon. Her botanical and literary matchboxes add a whimsical (and useful!) touch to dad’s box.  

Cookies Too Pretty to Eat (Almost)

So delicious…and artistic! Suburban Madmom custom bakes these sugar cookies and decorates them to look like ties and coffee mugs. They come wrapped to stay fresh for up to two weeks, but I get the feeling they won’t last that long.

Something to Put in His Pocket

Pocket squares. A nice choice for the sophisticated dad. Jennifer of Dot and Army makes a crazy variety of pocket squares for us in coastal Georgia.

Manly Candles? Manly Candles!

No flowery, girly scents here. Dad-appropriate scents like Morning Coffee and Great Outdoors  are hand poured by Matt McCoy of mini-Fab in Austin, Texas. Using traditional woodworking techniques Matt also makes our pocket knives and folding combs.

Unique. Handmade. Totally Perfect.  

There’s really no excuse for getting him a bag of socks, or just sending a text ‘cause you ran out of time (like I did last year). This year you can order him a Surprise Box. It’ll be like nothing else out there. Completely unique. Just like dad.

*About that “literally” from earlier… Yes, Surprise Box has literally millions of gift combinations. Around 27.6 million, if you’re into numbers. See, we have around 38 cool gifts, of which you pick 4 to 8. Let’s say you go with 6. That’s 2,760,681 possible combinations. Plus you get to pick 2 kinds of boxes. So that’s 5,521,722 combos. Then there’s the cards. Pick one of 5 cards and that’s 27,608,610 different combinations of gifts. Wow… you read all that? You really are into numbers. Dad should be so proud.

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Recently engaged…well, good luck! | Atlanta wedding gifts

Surprise Box | engagment ring | engaged |

Have you recently gotten engaged?

Well congrats to you!  Getting engaged is one of the most exciting whirlwind times in your entire life. It can be happy, hectic, stressful and downright exciting as you navigate these next few months. In this process of what we call wedding planning, there are a few things you should remember…

You and your fiancee are a team

I know that can sound kind of funny but trust me, you will need to remember this.  At 2am the night before the seating chart is due to the venue and your are arguing about why Aunt Beatie can’t sit at the same table as Uncle Frank and Suzie’s two kids should have never been invited because they are little terrors, you will need to remind yourselves…you and your fiancee are a team.

I can vividly remember during my own wedding planning when I so graciously handed over the task of choosing the rental car company for our getaway car to my fiancee. I probably said something like, “Baby, if you could help me with finding the right getaway vehicle for the reception, I would greatly appreciate it.” What I really meant was “Here is something to do so I am not so overwhelmed.  I am dying over here!!” I must have asked him once every other day for the next two weeks if we had a car yet.  He finally looked at me and angrily said, “I am handling this.”

Geez, ok. Now I couldn’t ask anymore. But I wanted the assurance it was being taken care of and it wasn’t going to fall through the cracks. Hindsight, shoulda had a wedding planner. In the moment, I needed to remind myself that me and my fiancee are a team. What I really wanted to do was kick his pants into action! LOL

Weddings last a day, marriage lasts a lifetime (if you do it right!)

It is so easy to obsess over the perfect Pinterest inspired event. It can be very hard to let go of the desire for the couture wedding gown with the perfect pair of heels. It is difficult to tell yourself that you don’t need the 10 piece band with the full stage when you know they are truly the best. It’s a downright struggle to realize you don’t need the barn dripping in flowers from floor to ceiling. I know!

I am in the wedding industry and I can’t tell you the amount of times I have watched brides and grooms completely blow their budget over something that really didn’t matter in the long run. You know what? It is important to heave a beautiful wedding.  It is important to have a fun time with you and your guests and to take home some wonderful memories after it is all said and done.

But remember this…weddings only last one day.

That’s right…one day. Every ounce of energy and planning and money and time you spend is all for one day. What are you investing in the lifetime part? The marriage part? Don’t forget that you are still learning your spouse-to-be. You should still be dating them, enjoying them, resolving conflict with them, loving them. This wedding thing is so so important, but your life together is what is going to come from this.  Make it a priority!

Live in the moment

It’s so easy to begin dreaming of what will be. How many kids will you have? What career path with you end up on? Where will you both decide to live? There is so much dreaming to be done and it can be fun to dream with one another. I just caution you to not get too caught up in the dreaming that you forget living in the moment. You are only engaged to this individual once. This time is so special and as you head towards marriage, I encourage you to relish the moments with one another.

Never stop dating. Now, that can sound odd, but here is what I mean by that. Someone once shared with me that they often go on first dates with their husband after 15 years of being married. What on earth?! I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. Basically, what they do is every so often, they ask one another on a first date. It is off limits to talk about daily life (kids, pets, finances, etc.). What they spend the date doing is re-exploring one another.  They look for little things they may not know or may have forgotten about their significant other and explore that for the date. It serves to bring them closer together and keeps their marriage fresh and fun.

Never stop learning one another.  You may think you have one another pegged pretty well right now and that may be true. But, the beauty of this is that humans evolve and change as we age. We are constantly forming opinions, coming up with new ideas and changing our outlook on life. Choose to keep growing closer to one another by constantly discovering the changes in your life partner and learning new things about them.  I promise you won’t be disappointed with the outcome!


*as you plan your big day, set aside some time for a quick date with your partner. Check out this super fun list of 50 date ideas to get you brainstorming:

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Top 10 Most creative ways to pop the question | Atlanta wedding gifts

So you’re thinking of popping the question and need some serious inspiration?

First of all, you have come to the right spot. Getting engaged is a super-special-once-in-a-lifetime-sort-of-deal so you better make sure you have this right! You’re soon-to-be-fiancee has been anticipating this moment for a long time and no better way to pop the question than with a completely unexpected experience. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Sentimental with family

Nothing says romantic and sentimental like having your furry creatures help with the proposal. When your significant other goes to give a good snuggle, they will find the hidden ring and be utterly speechless!

Puppy dog proposal | will you marry me |
How he asked

Will you marry me? |















2. Use your resources

Wedding proposal at olympics |

Are you a pharmacist? Make a prescription for love! Are you a teacher? Get your kids on board for the bog question. They will be super excited to play a part! Are you an olympian? Well, maybe not, but get creative just like these olympic divers!

Proposal ideas |
Proposal ideas |











3. Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Creative wedding proposal |
Susan Lines Photography

Your relationship is something special and so is your partner. Why not take the time to create a cute and meaningful scavenger hunt? You could include your favorite restaurant, where you met, your first date spot…the list goes on and on. Have a friend chauffeur them around and they can also capture the photos for you while you wait at the finish line with that sparkly rock!





4. Flip book proposal

Ok, so this is really cool! The Flippist will turn your love story into a custom animated flip book. What an awesome memory you will have of this special occasion each time you scroll through this book!

5. First date romance

What would be more sentimental than recreating your first date or even where you met? Grab coffee at the coffeeshop you awkwardly giggled across the table at. Take a small trip from the airport where you ran into one another on that long layover. Share some pasta at the Italian restaurant where you first asked her to be exclusive. Then, at the end of the evening, plant yourself on one knee and pop the question!

First date | pop the question | proposal ideas |

6. Make the holiday special

Christmas Proposal | Pop the Question |

So, you have to realize your significant other is probably expecting you to pop the question on a

holiday/anniversary/birthday, etc. It can be so cliche and so overdone, but yours doesn’t have to be. Decorate the tree with your special someone.  Hide the ring in a brand new ornament and watch their eyes light up when they realize what is happening. Talk about throwing them off! 🙂






7. Relive the memories.

You can’t imagine the rest of your life with anyone else. The thought of being with another person seems so foreign and you know they are the one for you. Why not remind them of why they are so special by having pictures printed of your lives together? Include special highlights and even hard times that you were there for one another. Life is built out of the joys and trials and you will be continuing this special love story of your own once you say “I do.” Here is a creative way to pop the question using these special photos.

Creative proposal | Proposal ideas |

8.  A styled scene from a romantic movie

You guys are both avid movie watchers. You can recite lines to just about anything. Why shouldn’t your proposal have that special cinema touch to it as well? Ask her to be yours forever by creating a scene from your favorite romance/romantic comedy. We absolutely love this scene from “Up.” How cute!

Proposal from Up | pop the question |

9. Call in the professionals

At a loss for how to impress your special someone?  You can hire a team of proposal stylists to make you seem like a modern day hero. After a brief interview and an exploration of budget and setting, they will help you to create the perfect setting get down on one knee and pop the question.

Eiffel tower proposal | marry me | will you marry me |
The Heart Bandits

10. “Marry Me” Surprise Box

No matter what style of proposal you choose from sentimental and intimate to dramatic and lavish, our Marry Me box is the perfect addition to your scene. Just pop a sparkly ring in the heirloom box and provide your own bubbly and we have the rest covered!

Box includes: *wooden heirloom quality engagement ring box *gold etched toasting flutes *long stem rose candies by Sugarfina *hand-cut Pop confetti and a *super adorable scratch off card with the words “Marry Me” written underneath. You can’t go wrong!

Will you marry me? | pop the question | marry me box |

Order your own Marry Me Box here.

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Wedding gift guide 2017 | Atlanta wedding gifts

Surprise Box | Bridesmaids Box Close Up | surprisebox.giftsHere is your tried and true
guideline to selecting the perfect wedding gift for your entire bridal party.

*Make it unique.

At one time or another, you have had the displeasure of accidentally being the same. You know what I’m talking about.  That awkward, middle school feeling that you just weren’t special or different. I once attended a holiday party in the most perfect little black dress.  It fit me like a glove and I knew it was Surprise Box | pocket watch backs | surprisebox.giftstimeless and elegant. What a find when I pulled that off the clearance rack at the department store! I walked in to the holiday party of about 25 guests and glanced over to see my most perfect little black dress on someone else! Yes, we were unintentional twinsies. We spent the whole night akwardly posing for social media photos because everyone thought it was so cute. Ugh.

Let this be a lesson in gifting. Make your gifts unique for your bridal party. It’s so easy to google top 10 bridesmaids gifts and just pick something off the list. What is more difficult is to make it special for your bridesmaids. Make them think you really thought this gift through. You really wanted them to have something special that is unlike what every other bride is giving out. It takes a little more creativity, but it is totally worth the investment!

* Make it useful.

Have you ever played White Elephant? You know the game where everyone brings a cheap, knickknack or gag gift wrapped up beautifully and then you have to select a gift from the stack not knowing what is Surprise Box | Child Cuff Links | surprisebox.giftsunder that beautiful paper? It can be loads of fun but I have gotten stuck with some pretty amazing, weird, and unusable gifts. Top of my list would be the groundhog tape dispenser or the 3rd grade picture of my husbands boss or my personal favorite, a McDonald’s Happy Meal from last Christmas…gross.

Needless to say these gifts weren’t useful to me. When choosing a gift for your bridal party, select something you know they can really use. Choose something that would not only be perfect for your wedding day but also have value to them for many months/years to come. I hate to say it, but useless gifts are just wasted money. Most people end up throwing them out or giving them away. Make sure when selecting your gifts, you think through this:

Would your friends/family would really want that item?

Does it hold any value to them after the wedding day?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you have found a useful gift indeed!

*Make it personal.

The best gift givers are ones that think of their recipient more than themselves. Odd you might say considering gifting is always for another person and not for oneself.  But, the reality is many people give gifts that they would want to receive or gifts that benefit them rather than the person they are giving them to. Think about this…

Surprise Box | Flasks Cuff Links | surprisebox.giftsExample 1: You give your mom a really trendy outfit for her birthday. You know it’s not her style or what she would choose herself. But yet, you gift it anyway because you liked it and you know your mom would agree that you have good taste. Case in point: you are gifting something you would like to receive yourself.

Example 2: Your boyfriend gives you two front row tickets to the basketball game for Christmas. While this was an expensive and really nice gift, you could care less about basketball. But, you gladly accept them because it means a date night out for the two of you. Case in point: he gifted something that benefitted him more than you.

Giving a gift to your mom, dad, best friend or flower girl at your wedding needs to be personal. You need to think through what that person likes. What items would mean the most to them and what would they want instead of what would I want them to have. It’s a totally different mindset. This is the difference between a gift and a really great gift!

So, when you sit down to start planning gifts for your bridal party, ask yourself “Is my gift unique? Is my gift useful? Is my gift personal?” If you can answer yes to all three, you have selected the perfect gifts for you bridal party!

Fun fact: When Surprise Box was created, we designed a way to make gifting unique, useful and personal. Each of our gifts are customizable which means that you can craft a very special present for those that are special and dear to you. Weddings are stressful enough but when you choose Surprise Box for your gifts, gifting doesn’t have to be stressful either!

Click here to check out some of our customizable gifts.Wedding Gift | Surprise Box |