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What’s a Unique Gift for Father’s Day?

Fact: No Two Dads Are Alike

What kind of dad is your dad? Is he a little like Dan from Roseanne, or maybe a single dad like in Who’s the Boss? Is he part Coach Taylor, part Homer Simpson with a little Phil Dunphy mixed in? Maybe your dad is sort of Herman Munster meets George Jefferson (If so, I’d love to meet him.) Personally, I’d say my dad is one part Michael Bluth, three parts Bob Belcher and two parts each Al Bundy and Carl Winslow. He’s pretty cool.

Point is, there’s a million ways to describe dad just in TV characters. With endless kinds of dads, no two being just alike and of course your particular dad is uniquely unique, the big question is… What do you get him for Father’s Day? Well here it is, the thing to get the guy who’s like no one else: It’s…surprise! Surprise Box.

A Gift That’s Totally Unique

Surprise Box is a gift with literally (literally*) millions of possibilities.

You could go with a shaving kit, a handmade comb, a pocket watch and a couple of cookies.


Or pick a Manly Candle, two cookies, beard oil, and a pocket watch.

How Does It Work?

  1. Start with two box choices: White or Wood.
  2. Pick a card. We’ll handwrite your personalized message inside.   
  3. Now, pick and choose from nearly 40 different really cool gifts to fill the box.
  4. Tell us where to send it.

That’s it! For Father’s Day, your dad has an awesome, totally unique gift and you are officially a great kid.

Gifts You’d Make Yourself—If You Had the Time

These aren’t just any gifts. No mass produced, factory stamped, unimaginative bric-a-brac here. Nope, these are handmade, high-end, produced-with-love kind of gifts. Just like you would make, if you had time to sew a pocket square, laser print a card, hand craft some soap, and pour a candle or two. But I’m guessing you don’t. Good thing our artisan crafters do…

What’s in the Box?

More like, Who’s in the box? Our artisan crafters come from all across the country. Places like Los Angeles, Michigan, Oregon, Georgia and Austin.

A Clean Dad is a Happy Dad

Our soap maker, The Little Flower Soap Co, is run by husband and wife Holly and Justin Rutt out of their Michigan studio. They only use high quality essential oils, botanicals, and minerals. Maybe your dad is a Comfrey Peppermint kind of guy. Or maybe he’d be into Tea Tree Lime.

Candy That’s All Grown Up

Los Angeles sweethearts Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick bring us our tasty and oh so swanky candies from their gourmet candy boutique, Sugarfina, in flavors dad will like… Pale Ale and Cuba Libre candies, I’m looking at you.

Give Him a Light

Jessica at Portmanteau Studio makes her one-of-a-kind matchbox creations out of her home studio in Oregon. Her botanical and literary matchboxes add a whimsical (and useful!) touch to dad’s box.  

Cookies Too Pretty to Eat (Almost)

So delicious…and artistic! Suburban Madmom custom bakes these sugar cookies and decorates them to look like ties and coffee mugs. They come wrapped to stay fresh for up to two weeks, but I get the feeling they won’t last that long.

Something to Put in His Pocket

Pocket squares. A nice choice for the sophisticated dad. Jennifer of Dot and Army makes a crazy variety of pocket squares for us in coastal Georgia.

Manly Candles? Manly Candles!

No flowery, girly scents here. Dad-appropriate scents like Morning Coffee and Great Outdoors  are hand poured by Matt McCoy of mini-Fab in Austin, Texas. Using traditional woodworking techniques Matt also makes our pocket knives and folding combs.

Unique. Handmade. Totally Perfect.  

There’s really no excuse for getting him a bag of socks, or just sending a text ‘cause you ran out of time (like I did last year). This year you can order him a Surprise Box. It’ll be like nothing else out there. Completely unique. Just like dad.

*About that “literally” from earlier… Yes, Surprise Box has literally millions of gift combinations. Around 27.6 million, if you’re into numbers. See, we have around 38 cool gifts, of which you pick 4 to 8. Let’s say you go with 6. That’s 2,760,681 possible combinations. Plus you get to pick 2 kinds of boxes. So that’s 5,521,722 combos. Then there’s the cards. Pick one of 5 cards and that’s 27,608,610 different combinations of gifts. Wow… you read all that? You really are into numbers. Dad should be so proud.

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