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You’re Engaged!!! Guide to Answering All of Those Pesky Engagement Questions | Atlanta wedding gifts

Surprise Box | engagment ring | surprisebox.giftsCongratulations!! You’re engaged! This will truly be one of the most exciting times in your life. With that sparkly new ring will automatically come an onslaught of questions so be prepared! Here is your go to list of “We’re engaged” questions and how to answer them (nicely).

We’re Engaged Guide: How to answer all of those pesky questions:

Q: Oh my gosh, you’re ring is to die for! I am so happy for you two!! When’s the big day?!

What you’d like to say: Seriously?! You can’t just let me enjoy this moment for one minute? You have to be shoving a date down my throat and already stressing me out?!

What you actually say: Well, we just got engaged an hour ago. I’m gonna let that sink in while I enjoy this moment and I’ll get back to you on scheduling next month. 

Q: Congrats on landing him! Have you guys thought about where you would like to get married? I know your family would love to have you fly back for a wedding here!

What you’d like to say: Are you seriously kidding me? You’re going to guilt trip me about having a wedding out of state when we both clearly live here now? Do you want to fork out money for two weddings so we can please the 15 people that live up there? M-kay, when you fork over $30,000.00 we can revisit this conversation again.

What you actually sayWe are just so excited to be engaged.  All the nitty gritty details can get worked out later. 

Q: Oh my goodness!!! Eeek! So excited for you two! Can I be in your wedding?! I would love to be a bridesmaid. You know we have planned to be in each other’s weddings since we were 6!

What you’d like to sayPull it together. We were 6 for crying out loud. I haven’t seen you or really spoken to you since middle school. In fact, we aren’t even friends anymore with the exception of Facebook. Is that even really considered friendship?! No way. Just no way. 

What you actually say: Thank you! We are super excited…

Q: Congrats you two! It’s about time he popped the question. I can help you plan your wedding. I have a huge wedding binder full of names and important info I am going to pass along your way.  We can get coffee and go through it. When are you free?

What you’d like to sayNever gonna happen. I am not planning on having a wedding anything like yours. It was tacky, your food was horrible, your dress was not my style at all and your DJ cut the party short when his speaker blew. I don’t want your 500 pound wedding bible and I certainly don’t need your help planning it either. But coffee sounds nice. 

What you actually say: That is so sweet of you! I am going to work on getting myself organized but until I get to the planning process, let’s just grab some coffee and chat!

Q: This is so amazing! My two favorite people tying the knot. Wanna celebrate with an engagement party at my house?

What you’d like to say: YES!

What you actually say: YES!

Pro tip: Enjoy getting engaged

No, seriously, enjoy it! You can worry about all the details later. Don’t let anyone rain on your parade. This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment so make sure the planners, doers, advice-givers (AKA friends and family) don’t ruin your bliss. Rock that ring and let the future of “together” sink in!




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